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Waste analysis and monitoring

Waste management is becoming increasingly important to individuals, Companies, Local Authorities, the Government and even globally.

However, due to the complexities of the issues involved many organisations and Local Authorities, even those who realise the significant benefits to be had by introducing quality waste management practices, struggle to develop sound waste management strategies that take full account of what people are throwing away and who is throwing it away.

A key reason for this is that many do not recognise the importance of monitoring and measuring waste and the benefits it can bring. In other areas of business the phrase “you need to measure it to manage it” is deeply ingrained with organisations monitoring, analysing and controlling all aspects of their business with a close eye. However, until recently the term “waste management” simply referred to the removal of rubbish generated and little effort was made to measure what was being classed as waste, who was throwing it away and why.

Nowadays however, more and more organisations realise that waste management is a critical issue and that effective waste management will not only benefit the environment, but can also vastly improve efficiency and reduce costs.

As such, they are looking for the most effective way in which to manage waste and trying to develop sound waste management strategies. This has already led many organisations and Local Authorities to the realisation that waste, like any other part of business needs to be monitored, measured and analysed in order to be managed.

Plan B boasts vast experience in the waste management industry and recognise the important role that waste analysis and monitoring can play for organisations and Local Authorities looking to develop waste management strategies and practices. We can offer a comprehensive waste composition analysis to support this development. Plan B analyse the waste to see what people are throwing away and what is filling our clients’ bins and then analyse the data and present the results in a clear and concise final report with recommendations where appropriate. Whether you are a Private company looking to reduce costs and improve environmental performance or a Local Authority looking to gain a greater understanding of your waste streams the benefits to undertaking a waste composition analysis are clear to see.

Furthermore, Local Authorities can benefit from our additional measuring services such as door to door surveys utilised to gain a full understanding of the people actually producing the waste and why they are producing it; participation and set out monitoring utilised to gain an understanding of the effectiveness of marketing and promotional campaigns or to analyse where such campaigns need to be targeted.

Whatever your waste analysis and monitoring needs, Plan B have the skills and experience to ensure that the raw data is collated accurately and efficiently and translated into detailed but concise reports that are easy to understand and offer genuine fact based guidance on the way forward.

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